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Tina's Golden Comb

EST. MAY 24, 1983


Hi there, so glad you stopped by!

    I'd like to share with you a bit about me and my salon. Born and raised here in beautiful Brockville, I chose to stay and open my salon at a very young age of 20. My vision then was to provide a welcoming atmosphere where everyone would feel comfortable. Having very fine, straight silky hair - a blessing yes, yet like so many others I prefer bounce, body and touchable hair that holds for more than an hour. Along my long journey, I've brought many haircare lines into the salon, liking bits and pieces but never meeting my needs as a stylist or a client.

At age 38, I was diagnosed with ulcerative collitis. My body had become very toxic even though I felt I took very good care of myself. No one could give me answers as to what the cause was. I was hospitalized and then eventually recommended however to quit my career. They felt because of the toxicity of the products I used everyday, it was unsafe to continue. Not wanting or accepting this, I searched for an answer.

After extensive research, I found it and switched to Kevin Murphy Haircare products. Kevin's story was similar to mine, although mine more severe. Our values were the same; to protect our earth, our clients and ourselves while continuing our journey in our field of hairstyling we both loved so much. In 2003, Kevin launched his own line - sulfate free, paraban free, cruelty free haircare products. Inspired by the finest ingredients nature offers, and now manufacturing with oceanic plastics.

Since 2005, I have offered Kevin Murphy Haircare in my salon. 41 years in the hair industry, we continue to offer you the best in hair solutions for all types of hair. We also use Kevin Murphy Color.Me ammonia free hair colour, keeping you and our environment at our top most priorities. We wouldn't have it any other way.

Kind regards,
Owner, Stylist at Tina's Golden Comb


    Welcome to the hair you've always wanted!

During my journey and illness, I experienced severe hair loss.  My fine limp hair fell into my hands one morning while in the shower, I was devastated. This was something I felt I needed to help others with. On my journey for a better haircare solution, I fell in love with wigs. My first was a beautiful Raquel Welsh, in a stunning shade of red. Found at a Toronto Hair Show, I ordered it (trying on wasn't an option). Arriving a few days later, I then had the hair I always wanted. Full of bounce and body, and so natural no-one knew it was a wig! No-one could tell and I had so many compliments. I had a new mission. A mission to bring to ladies (and now men) the hair they always wanted.

I have met such a diversity in ages and have learned so many reasons for hair loss and the struggles people are having and how they're feeling about their own identity. Hair has been such a huge part of my life, I can now offer solutions for fine hair and hair loss in all stages. For women, men and children. Hair and how you feel is so very important to me.

In my salon, I offer a private wig oasis where we can meet and find a style, cut & colour that makes you look and feel your best. As a stylist with over 40 years in the industry, I can customize your hair transformation. Online we can work together through FaceTime sessions to help you with your options. It's important to me you look and feel your best, everyday.


Kind regards,
Owner, Stylist at Tina's Golden Comb

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